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bringing families back to the dinner table for over 100 years


Our Products

Pizza + Pasta Sauce

Our sauce balances a natural sweetness with a subtle peppery kick that will keep you wanting more!

Basil Pesto

We combine herb infused olive oils with our signature roasted garlic and fresh basil to create vibrant flavors to pair with any dish!

Natural Ketchup

The newest member of our team - a ketchup that is sweetened with local strawberries instead of sugar! 

It all started in 1895...

The Porzio’s legacy dates back to 1895 when John D. Porzio I left his home in Italy and traveled by ship to the United States. He brought with him his family’s recipes, which were then shared and loved at Porzio’s Restaurant, the first pizzeria in Savannah, Georgia. Today, those same family recipes (plus a few from generations since) can be enjoyed in your own home! We value flavor & quality, which drives an all natural, no high fructose corn syrup, gluten & preservative free product offering.